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New Zealand: Mosque attacks are a moment of reckoning for the politics of demonization

The horrific attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which shooters killed 49 people and injured at least 48 more, is a devastating reminder of the consequences of letting hatred and demonization go unchecked, Amnesty International said today. The organization’s Secretary General Kumi Naidoo said: “This is one of the darkest days in New Zealand’s history. The attackers who unleashed their deadly hatred and racism upon women, men, and children as they took part in Friday prayers has thrown us all into shock and grief. “This is also a moment of reckoning for leaders across the world who have encouraged or turned a blind eye to the scourge of Islamophobia. The politics of demonization has today cost 49 people their lives. Reports that the attackers followed a white supremacist manifesto must galvanize world leaders to start standing against this hate-filled ideology. “Today we stand with all those who have lost loved ones, and vow to unite against this hate. The New Zealand we believe in is one that thrives on a multicultural society, welcomes refugees and migrants, and respects the rights of everyone to practise their religion in peace. These attacks can only strengthen our resolve to fight for a society built around peace, hope and...

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Indonesia: Arrested after singing a song critical of military, ludicrous charges against pro-democracy activist must be dropped

Responding to the charges brought against pro-democracy activist and human rights defender Robertus Robet, who was detained in the night of 7 March for criticising the Indonesian Military (TNI), Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director Usman Hamid said: “This is a blatant and ludicrous attempt to intimidate and silence Robertus for his peaceful criticism of the military. He is an academic who is guilty of nothing more than voicing his views over proposals to place senior military officers in positions of power within the government. “The police must drop their baseless charges against Robertus and guarantee his and his family members’ safety from recrimination.” Background Indonesia’s National Police’s Cybercrime unit arrested Robertus Robet just after midnight today local Jakarta time. He was released in the mid-afternoon. The arrest came after a video of a speech he made at a protest in front of the Presidential Palace on Thursday 28 February 2019 was posted on various social media platforms. In the speech he compared the plan to place military officials in other government institutions to the ‘New Order era’ (1966 – 1998) when Indonesia was under a military-backed government, and sang a song critical of the military from that period. Robertus was one of the pro-democracy activists who, alongside students, fought to topple then-president Soeharto in 1998. He has actively campaigned for military reform since then. He is also a co-founder...

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Bebaskan dan hentikan kasus Robertus Robet

Penangkapan dosen Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) Robertus Robet, yang juga merupakan salah satu pendiri Amnesty International Indonesia, karena mengkritisi wacana penempatan anggota TNI aktif di jabatan-jabatan sipil merupakan penanda belum tuntasnya reformasi di tubuh militer dan sekali lagi mendorong polisi untuk bertindak sebagai alat untuk merepresi kebebasan berpendapat dengan menetapkannya sebagai tersangka, kata Amnesty International Indonesia. “Yang seharusnya dilakukan oleh polisi adalah melindungi Robet yang telah menggunakan haknya untuk menyatakan pendapat secara damai dalam mengkritik TNI bukan menangkap dan menetapkannya sebagai tersangka. Kepolisian harus dengan segera dan tanpa syarat membebaskan Robet dan memberikan perlindungan bagi Robet dan keluarganya dari segala kemungkinan ancaman,” kata Direktur Eksekutif Amnesty International Indonesia Usman Hamid. “Kepolisian tidak boleh bertindak sebagai alat represi terhadap orang-orang yang menyampaikan kritik secara damai dan kritik yang dilontarkan Robet terhadap militer bukanlah suatu tindak pidana melainkan sesuatu yang lumrah dalam suatu negara yang mengklaim menjunjung kebebasan sipil seperti Indonesia. TNI harusnya memandang kritik Robet dorongan untuk melakukan perbaikan seperti yang dimandatkan oleh Reformasi,” tambah Usman. Apa yang dialami oleh Robet adalah suatu bentuk pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM) dan negara seharusnya memberikan perlindungan terhadap siapapun yang ingin menyuarakan pendapatnya secara damai. Penangkapan tersebut adalah serangan serius terhadap pekerja HAM dan membiarkan kepolisian untuk terus melanjutkan kasus tersebut akan membawa iklim ketakutan untuk mengkritik di Indonesia. “Kepolisian harus menghentikan penyidikan kasus Robet karena apa yang dilakukannnya hanyalah menggunakan haknya sebagai...

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Penangkapan terhadap Refleksi Akademis Mencederai Negara Hukum & Demokrasi

Robertus Robet, seorang dosen dan aktivis HAM ditangkap di rumahnya sekitar pukil 11.45 malam pada Kamis, 6 Maret 2019 dan dibawa ke Mabes Polri atas tuduhan UU ITE terkait orasi dalam aksi damai Kamisan, 28 Februari lalu. Alasan penangkapan adalah pasal 45 ayat (2) Jo pasal 28 ayat (2) UU No 19 tahun 2016 tentang Perubahan atas UU No. 11 tahun 2009 tentang ITE dan atau/ Pasal 14 ayat (2) jo Pasal 15 UU No 1 tahun 1946 tentang Peraturan Hukum Pidana dan/atau Pasal 207 KUHP. Aksi Kamisan tersebut menyoroti rencana pemerintah untuk menempatkan TNI pada kementerian-kementerian sipil. Rencana ini jelas bertentangan dengan fungsi TNI sebagai penjaga pertahanan negara sebagaimana diatur Pasal 30 ayat (3) UUD 1945 & amandemennya, UU TNI & TAP MPR VII/MPR/2000 tentang Peran TNI dan Peran Polri. Hal ini juga berlawanan dengan agenda reformasi TNI. Memasukan TNI di kementerian-kementerian sipil juga mengingatkan pada dwi fungsi ABRI pada masa Orde Baru yg telah dihapus melalui TAP MPR X/1998 tentang Pokok-pokok Reformasi Pembangunan dalam Rangka Penyemangat dan Normalisasi Kehidupan Nasional sebagai Haluan Negara dan TAP MPR VI/MPR/2000 tentang pemisahan TNI dan POLRI. Robet tidak sedikitpun menghina institusi TNI. Dalam refleksinya Robet justru mengatakan mencintai TNI dalam artian mendorong TNI yang profesional. Baginya, menempatkan TNI di kementerian sipil artinya menempatkan TNI di luar fungsi pertahanan yang akan mengganggu profesionalitas TNI seperti telah ditunjukkan di Orde Baru. Pasal-pasal yang...

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Indonesia: Arson attack against environmental activist must be thoroughly investigated

Authorities should investigate the arson attack on the house of Murdani, the executive director of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) for West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Branch, identify the perpetrators and determine whether it was connected to his work as a human rights defender, Amnesty International Indonesia said today. This call follows Amnesty’s own investigation of the blaze’s aftermath, which revealed signs of an elaborate attack that may amount to an assassination attempt.   “It has now been weeks since this terrifying fire, and authorities do not seem to be handling the case with any seriousness or urgency. Despite the many threats Murdani has received over the years in relation to his work, and even days before the blaze, the police have publicly mooted theories to cast a respected environmental activist in a negative light,” Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director Usman Hamid said.   A fire engulfed the house in Menemeng village in Lombok, NTB, in the early hours of January 28, while Murdani, his wife, their four-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son were asleep.   On January 30, Amnesty International visited the house, interviewed Murdani and his family members as well as witnesses and local police to collect evidence on the incident.   “Several fires were started outside the house, ostensibly blocking out potential escape routes,” said Usman Hamid. “The only water source in the compound was also...

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